Saturday, May 9, 2015

Untitled #191

Untitled #191

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

50 Shades | photoshoot #1

Hey fashionheads!!! The pictures are finally here from my photoshoot and I must I'm impressed. For this to be my first shoot, the outfits I put together came out nice on camera. This shoot was all about the color gray and adding different "pops of color". I dressed 4 of my good friends and hired my friend tache to take the pictures. But that's enough talking about the shoot here are some of my favorite photos. Enjoy!!!! Feedback is welcomed. 

Thanks everyone for helping me put this together. !!! Now let's work on the next one. 

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Photographer: @tacheproductions

Models: @momoneymylove @d_hicks12 @cliff_paul317 @thedayof_b 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey | remixed

Hey fashion heads! I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately but I’m backkk! I had some computer complications but now I’m back in full effect and I have lots to show you. Yesterday afternoon, I styled by first photo shoot! I dressed 4 models (2 guys, 2 girls) in different shades of gray but of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some “pop-of-color” to the outfits. The pictures from the shoot will be up in about 2 weeks. They are in the process of being edited. I want to give thanks to my friends for helping me bring my vision to life. This was such a fun experience and I’m ready to do so much more. This summer, definitely be on the lookout for more photo shoots and looks that I’ve styled.      

 -Gray V-neck shirt (Forever 21) 
 -Gray midi skirt (H&M)
 -Red Booties (Charlotte Russe)
 -Denim Jacket (GAP)
 -Red, Blue, and Gray button down shirt (Old Navy) 
-The big snakeskin bag was the bag of photo shoot clothes I hauled around. Lol

 Thanks for your support! More coming soon. (muah)

Monday, September 15, 2014

These Pants are Everything.

Hey Fashionheads!!!

Here is another adorable outfit. I wore this out a couple weeks ago. I didn't feel like dressing up so I kept it very cute but simple. My mom bought me these pants and I instantly fell in love with them. They are so comfortable and they fit me to a "t". I didn't want to take them off.  I will definitely be going shopping for more later.

Outfit Details:

**Shirt: Forever21 (5.90) 
**Pants: K&G  (17.00)
**Sandals: Charlotte Russe  (15.00) 
**Purse: Forever21  (I don't remember how much this cost)
**(Gold accessories are also from Forever21**

Contact information:

Instagram: @fashblab258

I post different looks on my instagram daily. Please feel free to check it out and recreate any look and tag me in the picture. <3

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IBE Weekend !

Hey Fashionheads !

This weekend was the Indiana Black Expo. It's a time where everyone goes downtown Indianapolis, attends a free concert, visits the convention center, check the out the cool exhibits, attend a celebrity basketball game, and party ! It is really a lot of fun.

For me Saturday night is the man night for me and here's what I wore:

Outfit Details :

Shirt : Pitaya (
Skirt : +Forever 21 (
Shoes : +bakersshoes (
Purse : +Forever 21
Lipstick : Up the Amp +MAC Cosmetics

Mixing Prints as always ! lol

B.Rice XoXo ! Hope you like it.

Twitter and Instagram : @fashblab258

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bonobos Summer Suit Collection.

Hey Fashionheads !

Like me, I know every woman wants a well-dressed man. ! Ladies it's just something about a man in a suit that makes you want to faint and drop to your knees. I came across a great website that will help our men look dapper without even having to try; it will be effortless.

Being a woman who has been around men, I know that most enjoy the attention of beautiful women. If you noticed, women love a man that is "Suited Up". Dressing well is more than half the battle; I'll leave the "game" up to you. ! (lol)

Now lets get to the amazing site !  is an amazing site. I think the main things that caught my eye were the different fabrics and the fit. The fit is amazing, the variety is to die for, and the fabric is one of a kind. "There Summer Suit line is a collection of lightweight Seersucker and Cotton suits that perfectly compliment warm weather, weddings, and mint juleps.

One thing that I have always noticed about a lot of men is that they don't know how to hang a suit properly. The fit is the most important thing about wearing a suit. Even if they suit is not a high-end brand, if the fit is perfect then nothing else will matter and no one will even know. Every man should look tailored. I want to see men capture the essence of a great suit!

Wool Navy Suit with a great foundation

Now. Lets go into more fit details !

According to Dwight Fenton, Bonobos VP of Design, "Fit is the most important detail for a suit. Marry that with a classic color options and quality fabric, and you have a great looking, versatile suit for every occasion."

Here are some tips on how to hang the perfect suit. <3

Fenton's simple suit tips: 

• Fit starts with the shoulders: The jacket should grab your shoulders snuggly but not be overly tight. If the shoulders fit, pretty much anything else can be adjusted.

• Length matters: To determine the appropriate length, you should be able to cup the bottom of the suit with your arms by your side.

Chambrey 3 pc 
• Show some shirt: A flexible but general rule of thumb is to have a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff showing. If you’re wearing a heavier cuff, like a French cuff, you may want to show a little more.


This site is exquisite. ! I love it and I hope you do too. Make sure you check it out and SUIT UP. ! 

And remember, Clothes don't make the man, but they can make the man look GREAT ! 

For more information please browse through the site. ! More pictures of the different types of suits are below. I hope you enjoy this post ! 

XoXo. B.Rice ! 

Instagram and Twitter : @fashblab258 

Cotten Linen - Grey 

Suit Novelty- Cotten Linen 

Lightweight Blue Stripe Suit

BW Foundation Suit 

                                                                    ENJOY ! ! !


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In Living Color

Hey Fashionheads !

So ! Lets talk a minute before I show you what I wore.

Have you ever had those moments when you feel like you have nothing to wear but your closet is field with clothes? I go through this all the time. I honestly think a lot of fashionable people go thorough this. You start to feel like you have already wore everything but sometimes you just have to recreate your looks.

This is wear my outfit comes into play. I just started playing dress-up with the clothes in my closet; kind of like how my when you were a child when you would put on your mom's dresses and shoes. I started parading around the house in different looks until I felt like one was complete.

I wore some blue joggers, a grey crop that had ties on both sides with a picture of a falcon on the first, red open toes booties, with a multi-colored striped shirt and gold accessories.

Hope you like it. !

Comment. Like. Share <3

XoXo B.Rice

Shirt: +Forever 21
Pants: +Forever 21
Shoes: +Charlotte Russe
Button down: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
Lipstick: Russian Red by +MAC Cosmetics